Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why the Media Sighs

We want to promote
but most importantly
we want to promote nothingism.

We want something to catch our eye,
but not our mind.

We want to drool ourselves
off this planet.

We only want to listen.
We never want to question.

We are mostly whores,
some are pimps
and others are Johns,
but in the end we all get fucked.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No More Smoke (Part 2)

Yeah, I didn't quit smoking, but I think that was an obvious outcome. I am not even sure if I believed I could quit. While I did want to quit a part of me does not want to. My guess is that's the part that's addicted to smoking. The price surely was an original motive, but that has seemed to fade as a reason. People get used to how things are after while. Paying $7.25 for my cigarettes does suck, but I guess it is just something I have to do for now.

For the longest time I have been threatening to buy my cigarettes off the internet, but I never seem to get around to it. I think the initial investment is what stops me. Obviously you have to buy at least one carton (10 packs), but in the end I would save money. It ends up costing nearly half the amount I pay in stores. The second reason I seem to avoid it is that the government seems to be cracking down on internet cigarette sales, since the state tax is avoided in the purchase. I've even heard of people having to pay all the state tax they avoided once the records of such companies were searched. To me, having to pay a large amount of taxes in the end would be a real bitch. I might as well just pay it right away. There is no escaping the government sometimes.

There is always the final and legal alternative to taxes on cigarettes, but that involves going to an Indian reservation. Let me first say, I have no idea where there even are reservations. I know they are out there, but I don't know where they are. I am sure after some search engine inquiry I could find a place, but then the second element comes in. Paying to drive there, with the spike in gas prices, would be a real bitch too. I mean, I would have to by several cartons in order for the trip to be worth it. That, right there, says there is no way I am going to quit smoking anytime soon. In some ways, that bothers me too. That is the real admittance of defeat right there; knowing you are bound to your addiction and that there is no way you are going to stop smoking.

One, small, but final reason is there is some sort of persona involved with smoking. Whether it is the rebel, sexy, artsy, or plain American pop-culture is up for debate. There is something about it though that draws me. I am not sure exactly what, but it is something. Increasingly smoking is beginning to be seen as a social annoyance, though, as distortions of the truth about second hand smoke is revealed. I don't believe everything I read about second hand smoke, but I do believe some of it.

Bottom line is: don't start smoking cause it will hurt your wallet the most.

photo used from Jasmin Cormier's collection on flickr.com