Monday, November 8, 2010

Let it snow

I might be one of the few people that actually enjoy the first snowfall. With many people it seems to instill dread of the upcoming season, but I always seemed to enjoy the coming of season.

Even though I do snowboard now, though I didn't go last year, I enjoyed the snow without the board under my feet. Sure, as a child I loved the first time I would get to go sledding or jump in my snow-filled backyard. There always seemed to be something magical about snow and the ironic warmth it would bring to me. Now that I'm older I do think back on all the good memories I had sloshing through the snow.

Who doesn't remember watching a local broadcast news station during the morning hours before school to find out it was a snow day? Those were one of the best days any kid can have growing up.  The freedom to know that on one blistery cold day you could escape the school day and just be a kid again. I have to say, I wish I still got snow days in the working world, but I had to pick the one profession that never stops for anything. At least I love what I do.

As my peers seem to let out cries against the white fluff on social sites, I can only share my excitement. Sure, there are things that aren't great, but I think every season has its ups and downs. To me, it just makes more sense to embrace the positive aspect. I'm not some happy-go-lucky person either, as many people will tell you, but for something you have no control over you might as well try to enjoy it if you can.

The snow ushers in many good things, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I enjoy seeing all the Christmas lights around nearby towns and cities. There is a festive atmosphere in the winter that just isn't in any other season. You remember the family you have and the family members that are no longer around, but still in your thoughts. It is really about the good times.

When you look at the snow maybe you will see at as more than just white powder, or maybe you'll just be pissed you have to shovel out your car. Either way, cheers to the start of another winter.