Monday, November 24, 2008

What Is My Scene?

I just somehow ended up seeing Your Scene Sucks and it made me ponder the question, what scene am I really. I hope you are ready for a totally vain brainstorm from me and one I am not sure I expected to really have. It just posses some sort of question about how I really am and I guess that interests me.

First, you should probably look at the website after this, so that you have some idea of what I just talked about. I guess, for most of high school I would have been "Hot Topic Core," but there are still some flaws in their description when applied to me. I didn't wear those funny, text, "ironic" t-shirts. The pants are a given, for I just stopped wearing "parachute" pants about six months ago. Although, I believe the correct term for the pants would be "bondage" pants. Shit, the police even called them that before, or at least questioned me on why I said they were called that, but I digress. Yes, I had dyed spiked hair for a long time, but it was not "kool-aid-dyed" hair, because I am sorry, but that is really lame. I understand it is cheaper, but it looks like shit. No, I was serious and went to a salon to get it dyed. Now that I have tried nearly every color I gave up. It loses the thrill after you try everything, besides, I need to get a job pretty soon. Oh, and I would never have a "fake tattoo sleve," because once again that is lame. Sometimes decent, but usually lame. And another thing, I would never be wearing a him necklace or "Thunder Cats patch" ... that was not my thing.

This makes me conclude, or at least convince myself, that while I was on the border of "Hot Topc Core," I never really was truly it. I seem to be lacking at least 70 percent of the dress requirements. The music is what I feel most applied to me in the description. Then again, I didn't listen to Flogging Molly, Insane Clown Posse, or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. That means I didn't listen to 60 percent of the music they listed, if my math is correct.

Now to the present, if I had to pick a scene that at least somewhat visually fits me, I would have to go with "Brootal Kid," but there is a lot wrong when applied to me. In fact, all of the visual elements I do not wear, but they are similar to what I wear. Apparently, Brootal Kids get bored of being emo and then switch to this. You know, there is actually some validity to this statement, but I don't think I was ever "emo."

Let me try to compile things from all of the scenes on the page to best create what I look like. Screw the descriptions for the categories, because I don't think I am poser and they only seem to really suit that. Other people might disagree, but I doubt must people would think I am poser. Fuck, I am weird, but not a poser.

My hair is like the Brootal Kid, but without all the shit to make it stick up and look nice. I am too lazy for that. Although, sometimes my head would fit into the Faux Hip Hop, because at times I do wear a fitted hat "with sticker intact." For the shirt I am going to go with Brootal Kid, because even though I don't have any "illegible band hoodies" I do have illegible band tees. I have a lot of Norma Jean shirts, but that isn't really brootal. My glasses would fall into "Prehistoric Emo" and so would my arms, because they are "tattoo-free." My pants mostly fit into Faux Hip Hop and actually do seem to look surprisingly like that with different color variations. I don't know why none of the categories have a pyramid belt in them, because I wear that every day for the most part. Also, my shoes seem to be lacking any category representation. Then again my shoes can very from skater brand to ADIDAS to huge boots, so not too sure there.

To sum it up I am a "Prehistoric Brootal Fuax Hip Hop Kid and ya know, that kind of does sum it up well.