Monday, June 29, 2009

I Meet Him at a Bar

I was out at the bars a couple nights ago with Dylan and it turned out rather good. First we were at Bomber's in Schenectady, but it was way too damn crowded. I had to bounce from that place. An overly crowded bar is not really my thing. Seriously, about 30 people walked in right before me and Dylan were finished eating our tacos (I always forget to say no sour cream). It wouldn't have been too bad if a mass of people didn't just show up together.

Moving on, so we were deciding were to go and I figured we could go to Manhattan Exchange. It is a slightly more upscale bar then the rest of the ones we normally go to in Schenectady. The nice thing there is that you know it isn't going to get overly crowded, usually has a nice atmosphere, there are HD TV's and free freshly popped popcorn. Sounds good, right?

Me and Dylan weren't sitting there too long before a friendly conversation started with two guys in their early 30's. Long story short, I found out that the one guy, Matt, was really into metal music. He got to talking to me and ended up giving me three CD's that he burned of bands he liked. So far, I have only listened to the first one and I am in love with this band — Kylesa. They kick some major ass and remind of a style similar to Mastodon. Oh, and one of the guitarists is a chick — that totally kicks ass (hence picture).

Who would have thought that I would meet a dude at the bar that gives me three CDs, oh, and he bought me and dylan a shot of Jameson. Pretty cool dude.

Now, should I be worried that he wanted my number and I gave it to him?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Summer Dilemma

It seems like whenever it is the summer I get faced with the same thing — I don't get anything constructive done.

I don't know why, but I don't seem to ever want to do anything. Right now my main concern is just trying to find I job. That is a huge pain in the ass. Even though I am about to graduate with a BA in journalism I probably still won't be "qualified" enough for a job behind a register. Every job I have ever gotten was cause I knew someone. I never really got hired for just me. That seems to be the way the world goes — you gotta know someone. Then again, if you know nobody, that might say something about your social skills. Oh well, whatever.

I have a lot of little things that I want to get done this summer. This happens every summer during the last few years. I got books I want to read, games to beat, songs to finish, bands to start and other various hobbies to pursue. Usually, barely any of it gets one (well the video game one probably will). Damn, now I can't even find my lighter. Okay, it was right next to the keyboard. Time to smoke.

One thing I do a lot during the summer though is drink. I'm not really sure why this happens. I don't get sloshed every night (actually, rarely ever), but I do drink almost every night. Usually around 3-4 beers over a few hours. During college I drank like once a week. Now, this happens pretty much every summer the last few years, but it is kinda weird. At least my tolerance gets built up I suppose?

Even doing things like writing in this blog never seem to get done. Maybe I take it too seriously. That could be a problem. I just take too many things too seriously. Or maybe I am lazy. But how I am lazy if I am about to graduate from college. I do procrastinate — I know that.

I'm pretty sure my credit score must be horrible.

After Seeing a Picture...

A huge straight edge tattoo across your upper chest...really?

I'm sorry, but in my book that is pretty lame.