Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Journalist's Drug

I feel in love with this video the first time I saw it. This one goes out to all the coffee drinkers out there...let us hope we don't slip into a coffee paranoia.

le Café - Oldelaf (english subtitles)
Uploaded by Boebis


  1. I loved that video! even though I don't drink coffee. :)

  2. That's going to be Alec!!!!

  3. alec horowitz2/25/2009 2:58 PM

    I don't think I would scream at my kid over coffee, but I have been known to be like this with coffee. I am currently trying to cut back on coffee with caffeine free tea. I'm making a effort to make the journalist's drug of choice tea. This video is funny, though. The cutdown on the coffee and the quitting of the cirgirattees should be good.

  4. The journalist's drug of choice shall never be tea my friend, lol.

  5. I suppose your right. Journalism is fast, and tea just isn't fast. As they said in the classic 1940 screwball comedy of journalism, His Girl Friday, "Shall I put some rum in the coffee? It's a nasty day".