Sunday, July 13, 2008

Relationship Status and All the Bullshit Behind It

To this day I still don't see what is the big thrill about having a relationship status. Everyone craves this thing, well, enough people seem to. Girls don't want to just be around you and have a good time. They want a commitment. The days of free love and enjoying life see to have come and gone. Didn't we learn anything from the hippie generation? Although a committed relationship does have positive aspects, I am just not sold on this need to see it is a necessity.

Now, most girls seem to want a "title" before they let you in their pants. At least, that is what they hope to happen. They want you to commit to them before you have sex. Then they can tell their friends, "Yeah, I was fucking my boyfriend," when they need an explanation for the moans coming out your room's window at 1 am. For some reason girls seem to feel less slutty after they get the title. Somehow they think dating a lot of people doesn't look slutty though? {I am not one to judge how someone lives, because it is up to them.} I have only dated a few people. Since I was 14 I have dated 4 people. I have slept with more than 4 people, but I don't see anything wrong with that. This whole concept of dating seems completely wrong. When I date someone, they are truly the only person I could see myself being with in the future. Sure if something goes sour it will end, but I don't date someone without the full intent for being with them as long as possible. It is a commitment that I don't take lightly, but most people seem to. It is like, "Well, I want to fuck you, so I guess I should date you."

I guess causal sex died off with the rampid spread of STDs and HIV, but people still get them in relationships. The jury is out on that one being a factor. It is just that maybe casual sex is a paradox to some people in some ways. Pleasure is pleasure to me. Shouldn't people just enjoy themselves and stop taking things so seriously? Love, really, has nothing to do with sex.

*EDIT: For all the slack I have gotten from people about this post, it is funny to see that I didn't get any comments. You can tell me if you think I am a moron in the comment portion of this. All responses welcomed, well, most at least. I don't know about the one where the girl "wanted to stab me in the face with scissors" after she read it.

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