Thursday, July 10, 2008

22 Years Celebrated

Turning 22 was a somewhat odd feeling. Turning 16,18, and 21 all have cool things attached, so you are always looking forward to the next step. Reaching 22 just sort of feels like the start to the rest of your life. A looming sense of responsibility is in the air as I sipped a beer with Jew (aka Dylan) in the bar.

I am not really a fan of my birthday and most people close to me know that. I just don't like celebrating me. It is just a weird feeling to me. Everyone all going, "Like, OMG, your day." I prefer the day after more. There are all these expectations about a birthday. You have to have this really amazing day and everyone tries for you to have this amazing day. I guess after my 21st birthday being my, potentially, worst birthday ever...I was sort of over the whole birthday phenomenon. Every time I went drinking since my 21st birthday has been better than that day. Now, I enjoy the after birthday more. When people stop making a fuss and life goes back to normal I am happy. Don't get me wrong, presents are always a good thing!

Digressing back to the man point, I feel this overwhelming sense of adulthood now. Things aren't quite the way they used to be, but I guess in a lot of ways I have grown-up. At least I have got smarter about life's turmoils and challenges. That sort of stuff I think you just have to learn as you go along. Shit, I have done a lot of things. Live life to the fullest and if you fuck something up, oh well, you probably won't do it again.

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